(cont.) Dear Ms. LaFrenz, I will never forget you, and I hope my sister will end up in your class so I’ll get to see you again sometime.  I’ll be in eighth grade!  I hope you have a great time at willow, and I bet all your students will never forget their experiences in your class.  I hope I’ll be able to see you sometime later in mylife.

Love, ΠΔΤΞ


It’s Nate

If you’re here from scanning a qr code and you guessed Nate it’s right!  Check out my website while your here.


  Hello my readers I’m making this post to promote LNTC aka Late Night with Trevor Catlin his new comedy show on YouTube so check him out on YouTube, and twitter @lateniteTC



Anyone got an idea to do! I wanna do something fun. please suggest stuff!

Like something to type about… (hint)



Buh-Bye School!

           School is almost out! Yeah! I can’t wait til summer starts. No more homework, work, and more work. Open house was yesterday, and we got out early.  We even get  a four day weekend. I’m having a lot of fun with this site. almost too much. Give me some suggestions and I might do it, at the bottom of my the home page you can see my latest instagram posts. so check those out.